Smart Ways To Maximize Your Residential Security

Smart Ways To Maximize Your Residential Security

Did you know that home burglary cases occur every twenty seconds across the world? Considering that these cases result in extensive loss, we have to consider security measures. Here are the smart ways to maximize your residential security.… Read More

Private Security Companies

Private Security Companies

The Truth About Private Security Companies

Movies tend to portray security guards as overweight, middle-aged men sleeping behind their desks who couldn’t chase a suspect if their lives depended on it.… Read More

Unarmed Security Guards

3 Security Mistakes Your Company is Making by Not Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed Security Guards: You’ve invested a lot of time and energy to successfully manage your business.… Read More

Fire Watch

Fire Watch & Fire Guards

Responsible Business Owners Hire Fire Watch Security Guards

It’s the middle of the night and your cell phone rings. Startled you grab the phone.… Read More

Security Guards

Security Guarding

Security Guarding. Your Protection. Our Priority.
Experienced. Exceptional. Experts Security Guards.

The shrill sound of the fire alarm startles everyone in your office.… Read More

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

Your Security Guard Services Starts Here

Where was the last place you saw a security guard? Was it in the lobby of your office building?… Read More

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Security Guards

Protecting You is Serious Business. Executive Protection Services at National Security Service

The CEO of your company is giving a very important speech today, but the crowd of protestors outside your building is getting larger and louder.… Read More

Is It Time to Hire Security Guards

Is It Time to Hire a Security Guard?

Maybe it’s because you manage a commercial building, or operate a retail business. Maybe it’s to fill a short-term need when you’re holding an event or are engaged in a construction project at a remote site.… Read More

Security Guard Services

Commercial Security Guards

The Essential Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Security Guards: When it comes to the issue of office building commercial security services, building managers across the nation all agree: the need for working with a security guard company that consistently delivers professionalism, reliability, and competence has never been greater.… Read More

School Security Guards

Security for Our Children

Children Security

In response to the recent tragic assault upon the children of Newtown Connecticut, National Security Service Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of security guard service, is offering its services at break-even rates to elementary and high schools around the country.… Read More

Why Security Guards Are Essential for Youth Tours

Overnight youth field trips are a popular educational tool for schools, religious organizations and youth groups across the country.

If you’re organizing an overnight field trip involving children 18 or younger, you’ll want to consult a security guard company.… Read More

Private Security Companies

Security Guard Company

How to Hire the Right Security Guard Company for Your Business

Finding the right security guard company for your business can be a difficult decision.… Read More