The Best Uses for Security Guards

So you need a security guard?

To help you decide, here are some common functions and duties that security guards perform on a regular basis.

  • Protection – It’s as simple as it sounds. Security guards prevent and deter crime while protecting your interests and safety. Many security guard companies provide armed and unarmed protection.
  • Access Control – Security guards can be used to monitor who is going in and coming out of a location. It’s a great way to ensure there are no trespassers at an event or on a property.
  • Patrolling – This is a popular use of security guards. Whether it’s residential patrols or construction site security, guard patrolling is an excellent way to protect an area from thieves and vandalism. Some insurance companies will provide discounts when there is a 24-hour security presence.
  • Emergency Response – Good security guards are trained to handle all sorts of crises including medical-related emergencies. Highly skilled security guards are trained in first aid and CPR.

These are some of the most common uses for security guards. When searching for a security guard company, be sure to do your homework. Do plenty of research to ensure that you make the right decision.

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Licensing all depends on the state. Some states like Nevada and Kentucky do not require licensing.

The important thing is to work with a company that employs licensed security guards. It will protect you from all sorts of liabilities.

At National Security Service, we only hire licensed security guards to provide you with the best possible protection.

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