Why Multi-Market Retailers Should Use a Nationwide Security Guard Company

Retailers with stores in different markets across the country have two options when it comes to security guard services.

  • Option 1: Go with a national security guard company
  • Option 2: Hire a local security guard company for each market

Option 1, hiring a nation-wide security company, is by far the preferable alternative.

That’s because you’ll end up cutting administrative costs, and you’ll get consistency in service as well as reduced liability risk. In other words, your job will be easier, the security will be better, and your risks from potential lawsuits will be reduced. That’s a winning hand.

The advantages of retaining a nation-wide security provider are explored in more detail below.

1. Easier to Administer

Working with several security guard companies in different markets means you’re going to have to stay in contact with people in different cities, states and maybe even different time zones.  And you will have to accommodate your administrative protocols to that of each local provider. Hiring a nationwide security guard company eliminates all of these administrative hassles.

With the single point of contact afforded you by hiring a nationwide security provider, all the administrative tasks associated with managing your company’s security function become routine and efficient.

For instance, perhaps you want to decrease the number of security guards at your Chicago location and increase security at your Atlanta location. You only have to make one phone call to your dedicated rep at the national company to accomplish this task. If you had multiple guard companies, you can expect a few phone calls and likely more than a few headaches.

2. Transfer of Liability Risk

One of the main benefits of hiring a properly licensed and insured security guard company is that much of the liability risk to your operation is transferred to the guard company This transference of risk is further enhanced if the guard company is willing and able to name your organization as an “Additional Insured” under its liability insurance policy. Local security companies generally will not do this at all, or will do so only for an additional fee. National companies, on the other hand, will generally offer you “Additional Insured” status at no extra cost.

Working with one security company for all your tour stops means you will only have to do your due diligence once, with regard to insurance coverage. Be sure to have the national security company you choose, send you insurance certificate that names your organization as an “Additional Insured.”

3. Consistency in Guard Service

You want security officers with demeanor, appearance and skill sets that are appropriate for your branding and your locations.  You don’t want to have to communicate these often subtle distinctions to a multitude of different local security companies. Find one national provider with whom you can establish an effective working rapport, and your job becomes infinitely easier.

4. Better Performance Analytics

With a single nationwide security provider, the performance analytics for all of your locations will come to you at the same time and in a uniform format, greatly simplifying your review process.

When it comes to retail security guards, it’s always better to go with the national company. National security companies will give you the consistency and spending flexibility that you need to keep your business profitable.

Edward Stevens is a security expert and former security advisor to governmental agencies. He’s the CEO at National Security Service, a nationwide security guard and patrol company. Connect with Edward via his website at https://www.GuardsToGo.com.