5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Security to NSS


5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Security to NSS: Residential, commercial and industrial sectors have their own unique security needs and require specialized security capabilities. In general, companies outsource their security needs to obtain the following key advantages.

  1. Improve focus
  2. Improve management flexibility.
  3. Increase quality of the security function.
  4. Improves overall cost effectiveness and profitability
  5. Transfer risk.

However, when it comes to the entertainment industry, National Security Service (NSS), offers several distinct advantages

  1. Distinctions of NSS:

NSS has the following key distinctions.

  • Extensive experience in the entertainment, film/video production and special events industries. Hundreds of entertainment venues secured.
  • Fully licensed and insured security agency with affiliates in every state.
  • Rigorous procedures to insure appropriate management oversight and control.
  • Continuous focus on the quality of security staffing.
  1. Quality of Staffing:

National Security Services recognizes that the quality of its field personnel and managers is perhaps the most critical determinant of the overall quality of its security product.For this reason NSS subscribes to rigorous standards in hiring, training, reviewing and motivating its personnel.

It ensures that while hiring, the following protocols are strictly followed.

  • Relevant experience is confirmed
  • Criminal background checked
  • Licensing confirmed- (Our personnel are licensed guards)
  • Integrity evaluated
  • Intelligence measured
  • Physical capabilities tested
  1. Management Processes:

The management and processes are not only well-organized but also in complete alignment with the company’s vision and adhere to all local, state and federal laws.

  • We maintain tight controls over operations through clearly defined lines of authority, procedural protocols, frequent performance reviews, management reporting
  • Maintain appropriate liaison with client management and are responsive to changing requirements.
  • Quality Staffing
  1. Comprehensiveness of Security Program:

NSS offers you the most reliable and comprehensive Licensed Security Guards services. Our security program covers the following.

  • Risk assessment and evaluations prior to deployment.
  • Insure and enforce management policies and objectives with regard to access, acceptable conduct and decorum.
  • Intervene to prevent or abort all threats to people and physical property.
  • For each contract assignment NSS creates a Security Manual containing the following:
    • Emergency phone numbers and points of contact.
    • Security Officers’ rules and regulations (appearance, rules of conduct)
    • General duties
    • Station specific duties
    • Security equipment use and procedures
  1. Trained and Well-Equipped Resources:
  • NSS makes the necessary recommendations and also provides the equipment required. We are a one stop shop for your all security needs. The equipment includes (but not restricted to) the following.
    • Video
    • Hand metal detectors
    • Sensors
    • Radios

Finally, what makes NSS even more reliable and trustworthy is its association with leading local and international bodies like:

  • ASIS International
  • International Foundation For Protection Officers
  • American Bodyguard Association
  • American Society for Law Enforcement Training
  • Alliance of Investigative and Security Specialists
  • Law Enforcement Bodyguard Association

In short, NSS offers you a perfect combination of reliability, affordability, effective operational protocols and licensed security guards. All you need to do is get in touch with their customer support and discuss your security needs.

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