Security Alert: Dangerous Countries for U.S. Tour Groups

Traveling to other countries can be a dangerous situation for U.S. tour groups.

The threat of thefts, robberies, violent crimes and even terrorism are possible depending on your travel destination. Large U.S. tour groups are often seen as easy targets for criminals overseas.

If you’re traveling to any of the areas below, you’ll want to use extreme caution.

  • Middle East and North Africa: There are several unstable countries in this area that the U.S. Department of State classifies as “dangerous and unpredictable.” These countries include Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Iran, Lebanon and Syria. When traveling to countries in the Arabian Peninsula, be sure to use extreme caution. There have been reports of kidnappings and terrorist violence.
  • Africa: The continent of Africa is becoming a popular tourist destination. However, there are several countries that are unstable that you’ll want to avoid. These include the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and parts of Kenya.
  • Asia: In several Asian countries, kidnappings have increased according to the Department of State. These countries include Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. These areas are also known for their terrorist activity. If you’re traveling to the Asian Pacific, be cautious when traveling to Korea because of tensions between North and South Korea as well as the Philippines.
  • Europe: This is generally a safe area. However, the U.S. Department of State cautions that al-Qaida and affiliated terrorist organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks in Western Europe. It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious activity.

When traveling abroad, it’s always important to visit the Department of State Current Travel Warnings website. There, you’ll find an up-to-date list on the current travel warnings. It’s important to take these warnings seriously. These warnings are meant for your protection.

If your tour group primarily consists of children and young adults, you may want to consider youth tour security. Having security guards will make your travel experience a lot safer.

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