10 Signs Your Business Needs a Security Guard Service

Sometimes you need to make changes to the security of your business. This may sometimes involve hiring a security guard company.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need security guards, keep on reading.

You know you need a security guard service if you’re …

1. Having Problems with Access Control Systems – Access control systems can be costly to maintain and upkeep. Without regular maintenance, these systems can become an ineffective turnstile. By contrast, security guards can protect entry points without a problem.

2. Worried about Crime and Vandalism in Parking Lots – Unattended parking lots are a breeding ground for criminal activity and vandalism. Having security guards patrol parking lots will keep property, cars and people safe in your parking lot.

3. Needing a Visitation Plan – If you’re having a lot of visitors and guests on your property, you may want to consider a security guard company. They can put in place a visitation system that monitors who is coming and going from your business. It’s a great way to protect against intellectual and property theft.

4. Looking to Control Employee and Vendor Theft – Employee thefts are a big problem. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee dishonesty costs businesses more than $50 billion annually. A security guard company can help keep employees as well as vendors honest.

5. Noticing Increased Levels of Violence around Your Business – If you’re noticing higher crime rates in your area, you may want to invest in extra security. A security guard company can help minimize the threat of vandalism, robberies and other acts of crime.

6. Wanting to Protect Sensitive or Confidential Information – In today’s day and age, serious harm can be done via corporate espionage. Working with an experienced security guard company can help protect your business from unwanted visitors who may steal private and sensitive information.

7. Concerned about Police Not Responding in Time – Thanks to cuts in funding, police forces all over the country are understaffed and overworked. If you’re worried about police responding in time to help you with an emergency, you may want to hire a security guard company.

8. Wanting Help for Emergency Situations – Security guards come in handy for emergencies of all sizes. When you hire a reputable security guard company, their employees are trained to handle all sorts of situations such as physical altercations, medical emergencies, etc.

9. Concerned about Potential Liability Risks from Robberies – Having armed security guards can help protect your business from robberies. Criminals are less likely to target businesses that have an armed presence patrolling the area.

10. Going to Have People that are Working Late – Security guards can provide the protection you and your employees need during those late-night hours. Security guards can walk your employees to their vehicles and provide personal protection.

If you’re experiencing any of these situations, you’ll want to consult with a security guard company. They can help provide you with a plan on how to protect your business.

When selecting a security guard company be sure to talk with one that is licensed and insured in your state. This will protect your business from any legal liabilities.

Edward Stevens is a security expert and former security advisor to governmental agencies. He’s the CEO at National Security Service, a nationwide security guard and patrol company. Connect with Edward via his website at https://www.GuardsToGo.com.

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