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Protecting You is Serious Business. Executive Protection Services at National Security Service

The CEO of your company is giving a very important speech today, but the crowd of protestors outside your building is getting larger and louder. You know many disgruntled employees are planning to attend the speech. You hope the crowd remains calm, but you know you’ve taken every precaution necessary to protect your CEO including hiring professional security guards from a top-notch executive protection security company.

Your Life is Your Most Precious Asset

In a world of constant change, scenarios like the one described above are all too common for executives and VIPs. Political unrest, terrorism, and employee dissatisfaction are only a few of the unsettling consequences of living in society today. At National Security Service (NSS), your safety is never taken for granted. Protecting you doesn’t happen by chance. Our highly skilled and trained executive protection security guards are experienced in assessing potential danger, avoiding conflict, and most importantly protecting your life.

Our Guards are Smart and Tactical

You can’t focus on your job if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder or nervous that someone may be planning to harm you or your family. As one of the top executive protection companies in the U.S., our guards are alert and trained to identify threats, react quickly, and take the necessary actions to keep you safe. You can feel confident that our guards are focused, experienced, physically fit, and stay calm under pressure. Your privacy is also very important to us. NSS guards are professional and discreet.

Make Us a Part of the Planning Process

An essential part of any executive protection security detail is pre-planning and assessing potential threats before the actual event or trip. The building where your special event is taking place or the route your guard will be driving to get you to your destination may have potential risks that you wouldn’t recognize as being threats. Hiring executive protection services should be viewed as an important part of the planning process for any activity you’re involved with including special events, trips locally or abroad, sporting events, and at your home. At NSS, our guards are flexible and can make quick decisions to change plans or routes at a moment’s notice.

In today’s unpredictable world, you can’t afford to take chances with your safety. For top-level executive protection, call National Security Service today or visit us at www.guardstogo.com.

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