5 Signs You Need VIP Protection Services

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether or not a company official, a celebrity or an important person needs personal security guards.

However, it may not be as challenging as you may think. Here are five easy ways to tell if you need VIP protection.

  1. Threats Are Being Made – All threats against the safety of an individual need to be taken seriously. If the threats seem serious in nature, you may want to consider getting security guards to protect them.
  2. Negative Public Reactions – If the public is responding negatively to a company or individual, it may be necessary to hire security. Pay close attention to reports by the media and any public comments streaming into your organization. Be on the lookout for threats and other red flags.
  3. Travel to High Risk Countries – If the person is traveling to a country with a high risk of terrorism, kidnappings or other violence, you’ll want to bring security. Visit the U.S. Department of State’s travel website to get a list of current travel warnings.
  4. Lots of Public Appearances – People often in the public eye should consider security guards. They can help to maintain order and keep a safe perimeter around the individual during public events.
  5. Personal Safety Vital to Business Operations – High-ranking executives that are critical to the day-to-day operations and success of your business should be protected in instances where there may be dangers to his or her life.


These five simple tips can make it a lot easier to figure out whether or not you need VIP protection services.

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