School Security Guards Help Keep Students Safe in a Culture of Violence

School Security

Reading headlines describing in frightening detail teacher and student fatalities at the hands of deranged mass shooters shakes us to the core. Schools once thought of as safe places of learning where millions of students across America spend their days have not escaped the violence and devastation caused by acts of terrorism. We often think of shooters as psychotic strangers that have stalked a school, but to our disbelief the shooter could be the student sitting right next to our own child. Whether the perpetrator is an intruder or seriously troubled student, school administrators and public officials struggle with the challenge of keeping their staff and students safe.

School Security Guards Help Protect Staff and Students

In response to the increasing threat of violence targeted at American schools, many school boards across the country have enlisted the services of school security guards in their schools. Security guards play an integral part in protecting staff, students, and school property from violence, theft, and vandalism. Not only are professional school security guards highly visible, they’re trained to identify suspicious behaviour and often help prevent disasters.

The Threat of Mass Shootings Terrifies Students

The tragic shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is a solemn reminder of how vulnerable our children are when they leave our care. In days gone by, the biggest worry some students may have had was what they’d find to eat for lunch in their lunch box. Now students are afraid of being shot at school – a real and very disturbing concern for parents, teachers, and school officials. Though schools should never be viewed as combat zones, many parents have equipped their children with bullet-proof backpacks and jackets. The addition of fully-trained school security guards to monitor entrances and exits and patrol schools may alleviate some parents’ fears as well as make outside intruders think twice before targeting schools with professional school security guards onsite.

Intruders Are Not the Only Threats that Frighten Students

Protecting kids at school from outside intruders is not the only challenge that keeps conscientious school officials up at night. Everyday a whole laundry list of disturbing issues face students at schools in the US including bullying, assault, and drugs. Physical violence, sexual assault, and intimidation are widespread in today’s school subculture not to mention the problem of dangerous dealers pushing drugs on school campuses across the country. Part of the solution to the problem could be the presence of school security guards in schools to report criminal behaviour and protect students in their care.

The Cost of Theft and Vandalism Can Add Up

Destruction of school property is both alarming and expensive. Graffiti is a consistent problem in many schools leaving school boards with hefty cleanup costs. Pricey equipment can be damaged in a heartbeat but are time-consuming and costly to replace. Not only can school property be damaged, but some items easily stolen. Electronic equipment including laptops and tablets can be discreetly slipped into a backpack or gym bag. Student backpacks are also easy targets for thieves. Many school boards have hired school security guards to counteract the problem of theft and vandalism in their schools.

Students deserve to attend school without fear of physical or psychological intimidation or violence. Unfortunately, in the wake of recent violence and terrorism targeted at schools across the nation, school boards need to utilize every available resource to keep staff and students safe including hiring professional school security guards.

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