Why Retail Security Services?

Why Retail Security Services

Why Retail Security Services as an extra charge or isn’t your normal security or watchful eye good enough?


*24 HRS: most security services will offer 24 hr Retail Security Services with their personal on and in your property, protecting it 24 seven three hundred sixty-five days a year. This not only guarantees your stock or asset loss reduction but if it does happen they should prove why and who as they offer the service to prevent it and now can be blamed and their insurance, not yours kicks in.

ADVICE: as part of their service they also check out your vulnerable points and offer advice to decrease your vulnerability by suggestions like:

1: lower than eye level shelving so everyone can be viewed at all times

2: strategically placed fitting rooms if you have a clothing department. as you cannot place cameras inside fitting rooms but can see how much articles get taken in and how much comes out or even if a client looks different in size(adding extra clothes under original clothes) as well as tagging systems can be arranged.

3: staff security checks as most inhouse thefts are staff

4: can even offer professional staff screening for any new staff for hidden criminal records as most have a connection with local law enforcement

FLOOR PLANNING: can work out a significant floor plan as to where to place potted plants or not, adding mirrors to give not only the effect but and actual all-round view from most areas in the store.

CAMERA SURVEILLANCE: can and will set up and monitor a 24 hr camera surveillance system in and outside your business and be your big brother watching.

CASH IN TRANSIT OPTIONS: most services now also include cash in transit services for your daily banking which means it might cost you more but can save lives when it comes to heists or armed robberies as they are trained and insured against that

LOWER INSURANCE PREMIUMS: with all this in place not only will it drop your asset losses but so too your insurance carriers premiums as not only do they have theirs(security company) to cover them for something loss or stolen on their watch but your insurance have now no reason to charge a higher rate for a high-risk business and this in turns covers the cost of the security service and possible asset losses which will in the end also increase your insurance carriers premiums!

Students deserve to attend school without fear of physical or psychological intimidation or violence. Unfortunately, in the wake of recent violence and terrorism targeted at schools across the nation, school boards need to utilize every available resource to keep staff and students safe including hiring professional school security guards.

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