How to Find Out Area Crime Trends Near You

It’s very important to understand area crime trends.

Whether you’re planning an event or just looking to improve security around your business, researching area crime trends is a must.

By knowing area crime trends, you’ll be better able to determine what types of security services you need. For instance, if you’re considering security guards, it will help you figure out the number of guards/patrols needed.

Free CrimeTrends Research Tool

On the National Security Service website, we have a free online tool so you can find out crime tends in your area. You can use the free CrimeTrends tool by visiting

This free tool allows you to find out criminal activity anywhere in the United States. The CrimeTrends tool gives you the ability to search by:

  • Crime Type – Property or violent crime
  • Region – State or city crime data
  • Chart Type – Trended lines or separate lines for each state/city

You can see an example of a CrimeTrends chart below. It charts property crime statistics for several cities in Ohio.

The CrimeTrends tool pulls criminal activity stats from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Database. This tool is great for:

  • Event security planning
  • VIP/executive security planning
  • Residential security planning
  • Business security planning
  • Construction site security planning

If you’re looking at security, this tool is a must. This is one of the more comprehensive free resources on the internet.

For more help with your security needs, be sure to visit the National Security Service website at We provide comprehensive security guard services anywhere in the United States. You can call us at 888-364-4068.

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