Top Uses for Security Guards on Construction Sites

Are you thinking about using security guards on your construction site?

As the cost of building materials continues to grow, protecting your jobsite is becoming more crucial than ever. A single act of theft or vandalism can ruin your schedule of completion and cut into your profit margin.

If you’re wondering how to use security guards, here are the top eight uses for security guards on construction sites.

#1. Visible Deterrent to Theft and Vandalism

A fence can only do so much. Jobsite theft annually costs security companies nearly $1 billion. Security guards provide a visible presence on your construction site before, during and after work hours. Security guards help to deter:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Injury to trespassers or passersby (which can cost you in liability claims)

#2. Monitor Jobsite/Stored Materials and Access Control

Building materials on construction sites are popular targets for thieves. With a security guard company, you can better protect jobsite building materials during and after work hours.

During work hours, security guards can help regulate who is accessing building materials. Employees are sometimes known to steal building material and tools on jobsites. Afterhours, security guards can monitor the area to protect it against outside thieves.

Security guards can also provide access control to the jobsite. This will help ensure that there are no trespassers on site.

#3. Mobile Patrols

This is a popular option for construction sites. Many times, a security company is hired to run mobile patrols in the evening and during the early morning hours.

Security guards typically patrol the jobsite several times during the night to look for suspicious activity. It also provides a visual deterrence from theft and vandalism. If you decide to use mobile patrols, be sure to place proper signage on the site to let people know about the mobile patrols.

#4. Incident Response

Security guards can help work with local law enforcement to:

  • File theft and vandalism claims
  • Guide local fire departments through inspections
  • Handle emergency situations and crises

This allows you and others on the jobsite to focus more on getting the job done on time and on budget.

#5. Monitor Onsite Security and Deal with Related Issues

A security guard company can help you provide onsite security to employees during working hours. This is especially important if the jobsite is in an area with a high crime rate. Security guards can protect employees’ vehicles from vandalism and theft.

They also can help you around the site by locking up at night and arming security alarms and cameras.

#6. Interact with Local Law Enforcement and Fire/Safety Authorities

When local law enforcement or fire authorities show up on your jobsite a security guard can help manage the situation, so you can stay focused on your job at hand.

In some cases the security guards will have relationships with the officers. This helps to move along the process and keep things rolling on your jobsite.

#7. Security Incident and Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Working with a security guard company can help you to track criminal activity that may have occurred on the jobsite, and thereby contribute to a more accurate risk analysis. They also can help you to properly budget security costs for a job.

As you build a relationship, they also can give sound advice on how to improve security measures on current and future jobs.

#8. Reduces Theft and Injury Liability Risk

By hiring a security guard company, you’ll significantly reduce the liability risk associated with theft as well as injuries to your workers, visitors, trespassers and passersby. By naming your company as an additional insured on their liability policies, the guard company will assume liabilities so you won’t have to.

Using a licensed and insured security guard company decreases the threat of potential lawsuits and fines. It’s always better to work with a national security guard company that is licensed and insured.

These are just a few ways to use security guards on construction sites. To find out more on how security guards can help you, talk with a security guard company that specializes in construction site security.

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