Smart Companies Don’t Compromise Employee Security

Security in the workplace starts with your employer providing a secure environment for you to work. You might think of government buildings and airports as places that require strict security and safety standards. But what about employers located in commercial office buildings? Shouldn’t the same standard of safety and security apply? Almost daily, we’re bombarded by news of mass shootings, terrorism, and violence at workplaces, entertainment venues, and even Churches & Places of Worship.

Thousands of Americans work in office buildings across the United States. Commercial buildings are often a hub of activity with employees, visitors and service people coming and going all day and sometimes at night. With that much traffic entering and leaving commercial buildings, security must be a top priority for building owners as well as companies that rent office space. Office building owners often enlist the services of Commercial Office Building Security Guards to assist in protecting the tenants in their buildings.

Employees Want Peace of Mind

Given the choice to locate your office between a building with a complete security system in place including commercial properties security guards stationed right in clear view in the lobby or a building with no security, most employers and employees would likely choose the building with security guards onsite. Employees want to feel safe at work. An employer that wants to attract and keep loyal employees needs to offer some incentives for them to stay with the company including providing a safe work environment.

Commercial security guards working in an office building give employees a sense of security knowing that unwanted or suspicious individuals won’t be wandering around and will be asked to leave. In addition to their high visibility as a deterrent, commercial building security guards are often first responders who are professionally trained to safely evacuate buildings and handle crowd control.

Companies May Rule Out Buildings with Inadequate Security

Companies are not going to jeopardize the security of their employees and visitors by locating their offices in an unsafe building. Security features, including commercial building security guards onsite, are one of the most important considerations for companies looking to set up shop in an office building.

Companies looking to rent office space apply their own criteria before deciding which building best satisfies their needs. Parking, availability to public transit, cleanliness, accessibility, affordability, interior design, and location may all play a part in deciding which building a company chooses. However, keeping people and property safe should be an employer’s top priority.

Commercial Building Security Guards Are Trained Professionals

Commercial Security Guard for Office Buildings do a lot more than just sit at a desk in a building’s lobby or security office. Professional security guards perform important tasks including:

  • Reporting suspicious people or activity in or around the building.
  • Watching for any hazards that could cause fire and immediately calling the fire department in an emergency.
  • Monitoring who’s coming in and going out of the building.
  • Check ID badges for people entering the premises.
  • Perform mobile and foot patrols in and around the building.
  • Watching activity inside and outside of the building on CCTV monitors.

Hiring commercial security guards is one solution to helping your employees feel safe at work. In today’s turbulent society, protecting people and property should be a top priority for every company and building owner.

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