How to Spot Bad Security Guard Companies

A bad security guard company can wreak havoc on your organization or event.

    1. Thankfully, you don’t need special x-ray glasses to spot a terrible company. Pay attention to these five signs and you’ll be able to separate the good from the bad. Unprofessional Appearance – If the guards dress like unruly teenagers in unkempt and dirty uniforms, look elsewhere. Find a company that provides professional looking guards with good personal appearance and clean uniforms.


    1. Old Equipment – Does their security car look like it’s straight off the set of Hill Street Blues or Dragnet? Security guard companies that take a duct tape approach to their equipment should be avoided at all costs.


    1. Lack of Referrals – This is a major red flag. A good security guard company should be able to provide a glowing list of referrals and testimonials. Check the referral list before you hire any company.


  1. Complaints with Licensing Agencies – Is the company’s grade with the Better Business Bureau worse than a 25-year-old high school student’s report card? Thoroughly comb through all state and local agencies for any complaints.

  2. Security Guard Background – Don’t use a company that hires any Joe off the street. Find a security guard company that hires people with a security background and security training.

Keep on the lookout for these five signs when you’re hiring a security guard company. It will save you from some major headaches.

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