Do You Know the Common Types of Security Guards?

In the world of security, there are many different types of security guards.

Be aware that not all security guards are equal. Some are trained differently for special jobs. To help you better understand the differences, here are some of the most common types of security guards.

  • In-House/Proprietary Guards – These are guards that you personally hire to work for your organization. You pay them a salary and provide them with direction. Sometimes, larger companies with the proper support infrastructure will choose this option.
  • Contract Security Guards – A private security company will employ these guards. You hire the security guard company, and they provide the contract security guards. This is one of the more popular options. Make sure the company uses licensed security guards.
  • Patrol Officers – These are guards that patrol different areas by vehicle. Often times, they are hired to patrol multiple locations in a single day. They are not a constant presence. They patrol at scheduled times and emergency calls.
  • Security Agents – These are typically security guards dressed in plain clothes to blend in. They are often used in celebrity protection and protection of other important individuals.

These are some of the most common types of security guards. To learn more about how security guards can protect you, read more on the Security Insights Blog.

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