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The shrill sound of the fire alarm startles everyone in your office. You quickly leave your desk and follow your fellow workers into the hallway.
All of you hurry down the stairs and out into the lobby. You breathe a sigh of relief as you see the security guards calmly assisting people and helping them evacuate the building safely.

Can you imagine the panic and chaos if the building management hadn’t enlisted the services of professionally trained guards from a top-notch security guard company? At National Security Service (NSS), keeping people safe is our number one priority as well as protecting your property from fire, theft and vandalism. We understand why hiring security Officers is important in today’s turbulent world. As one of the leading providers of security guard services nationwide with 437 offices across all 50 states, protecting you is our top priority.

Choose Wisely: Not All Security Guarding Companies are Alike

With over 10,000 security services in the U.S.,1 deciding which guard company to choose to protect you and your property can be overwhelming. You want security guarding services the trustworthy, reliable, licensed, and insured. We do too. But not all security guard companies offer the same top-level of service and expertise. What makes a security company stand out from the competition? At NSS, our high standards of conduct reflect our respect for your security needs and for promoting best practices within the security industry. Our security guards are professionally trained and experienced in assessing and reacting to difficult situations in a timely and appropriate manner keeping you, your people and your property safe.

Build a Solid Working Relationship with One Security Guarding Company

You may need security guards for multiple locations requiring different security duties and responsibilities. Researching several names of security guard companies and hiring more than one service to handle your various security needs may not be the best way to spend your time and money. At NSS, we offer a variety of commercial, retail, residential and personal protection services on a short or long term basis both locally and nationwide. Developing a solid working relationship with one security guard company makes sense. In addition, our dedicated security co-ordinators at NSS are trained to provide you with the best possible service by taking care of all the details associated with your individual security needs.

Protecting you is what we do best. For top-level security guard services that provide you with protection and peace of mind, choose National Security Service. Call us today or visit

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Do you have frequent need for short-term security guard services? Are you usually on the run and out of the office? Then you need the GuardsToGo app from National Security Service.

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