Is It Time to Hire Security Guards

Is It Time to Hire a Security Guard?

Maybe it’s because you manage a commercial building, or operate a retail business. Maybe it’s to fill a short-term need when you’re holding an event or are engaged in a construction project at a remote site.… Read More

School Security Guards

Security for Our Children

Children Security

In response to the recent tragic assault upon the children of Newtown Connecticut, National Security Service Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of security guard service, is offering its services at break-even rates to elementary and high schools around the country.… Read More

Why Multi-Market Retailers Should Use a Nationwide Security Guard Company

Retailers with stores in different markets across the country have two options when it comes to security guard services.

  • Option 1: Go with a national security guard company
  • Option 2: Hire a local security guard company for each market

Option 1, hiring a nation-wide security company, is by far the preferable alternative.… Read More

Why Security Guards Are Essential for Youth Tours

Overnight youth field trips are a popular educational tool for schools, religious organizations and youth groups across the country.

If you’re organizing an overnight field trip involving children 18 or younger, you’ll want to consult a security guard company.… Read More

How to Find Out Area Crime Trends Near You

It’s very important to understand area crime trends.

Whether you’re planning an event or just looking to improve security around your business, researching area crime trends is a must.… Read More